Work In Progress Wednesday. Reyna shawl.

A Sumptous Shawl.

In this weeks WIP Wednesday I will be talking about the Reyna shawl. This will be the second Reyna which I have made, and it is a treat to make. I couldn’t resist making it again and it is going to make a wonderful gift for my mum.

I would say that I am about 80% of the way to finishing this project, however I always underestimate the length of time that it takes to do the final rows and think that I can sail through it at the same pace that I did in the beginning and middle section. I mean, 300 stitches isn’t that many right?

None the less I am loving this pattern and loving this yarn. The pattern (by Noora Backlund) is beautiful in its simplicity and is a well written. It also has a row tracker, which has been incredibly useful and made the pattern a breeze to follow.

I am using Cascade Heritage in their pine colourway. It is 75% merino and 25% nylon and has the lovely softness which you would expect from this fibre content. Each 100g skein has 400m. the Reyna pattern calls for 380-420m of yarn so I should be ok, and there is an option in the pattern to miss out a few final rows of garter stitch should it be needed (which I will probably do). I am really enjoying the stitch definition which this yarn gives and it sumptuous squishy feeling. It feels like a real treat.

I often spend my time exploring the amazing work of indie dyers on instagram, however my financial situation means that I can only window shop. This Cascade yarn feels like an excellent compromise however, it looks as nice as some of the yarns that you see on insta but comes up at over half the price. The colour is also amazing, however my poor little iPhone SE has struggled to really capture the depth of the green, but it is beautiful in real life.

It looks small considering I’m only 10 rows away from finishing, however I know from my previous Reyna that it will grow once it has blocked. I’m looking forward to casting it off, getting it on the blocking mat and showing you it in it’s full glory.

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